At the Avenue at East Falls we genuinely care about our residents. But don't take our word for it, read on to see what some of our tenants had to say about our team!

Since the property is now owned by GO, the change in the atmosphere has been great. I have noticed quick response times to service requests and more community held events for the current residents and children. They really appear to care about their tenants.

The management staff takes pride in their work to please the community in every way possible. All team members of this facility work very hard to keep this apartment complex moving forward to achieving the goal for satisfaction.

The front desk staff is unerringly pleasant, polite, and helpful. They are there every time we leave or enter the building, saying hello and wishing us a good day, often by name. I would say they are the #1 best thing about living here.

Since the new management was put into effect this place really feels like home. What I value most about the property is most of the staff are our neighbors here in the building. They can relate to our issues and take action immediately.

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